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很高興和大家一起迎接新的 2023-2024 學年!

禮藍華人家長會 (Leland Bridge Parents Group) 是由 Leland 高中的華裔家長們所組成的團體。自從 2001 年成立以來,即致力於扮演學校以及華裔家庭之間的溝通橋樑。鼓勵華人家長積極參與各項學校活動,協助校方提供最好的教育品質,出版中/英文通訊刊物,同時定期舉辦座談會及禮藍之夜活動,不管是在促進家長與校方互動方面,或是為學校募款的成就,都有目共睹,獲得學校、學區、聖荷西市府以及社區的支持與肯定。


  • 家長捐款: 我們提供給所有 Leland 家長各種福利,像是新生 Welcome Party、免費電子期刊和免費參加我們一整年的講座等等,做為捐款的回饋。

  • 禮藍之夜: 這是我們最盛大的年度募款盛會,通常是在中國新年前後。它結合了華裔親子兩代力量,以趣味盎然的表演型式,展現孩子們的才華以及愛校的精神,同心協力達成募款目標。



想對禮藍華人家長會有更多了解,歡迎大家到我們的官網 查詢,或電郵。禮藍家長會需要您的積極參與,您可以加入我們的 mailing list、加入我們的微信群,也歡迎您成為我們的臉書和 IG 之友 (官網最下面有社群連結)。您的一份力量不但能幫到學校和老師,也能夠讓我們的孩子們有更好以及更安全的學習環境。我們期待各位的加入,一起寫下 Leland Bridge 成功的另一頁。





2023-2024 禮藍華人家長會會長


Dear Leland Students and Parents:


We are delighted to welcome the new 2023-2024 school year together!


The Leland Bridge Parents Group is a non-profit organization and a collective of Chinese-American parents from Leland High School. Since its establishment in 2001, our group has been dedicated to serving as a bridge of communication between the school and Chinese American families. We encourage parent volunteers to actively participate in various school activities, and assist the school in providing the best educational quality. We also publish newsletters in both Chinese and English, and regularly hold seminars and Leland Bridge Nights. We always do our best in promoting interaction between parents and the school or in fundraising for the school, and our achievements have been widely recognized and supported by the school, the district, the City of San Jose, and the community.


We cannot do it without your generous support! Here are our two major fundraising activities:

  1. Donation Drive: We offer various benefits to all Leland parents, such as the New Student Welcome Party, free electronic newsletters, and free all year-round seminars, as a way of giving back for your donations.

  2. Leland Bridge Night: This is our grand annual fundraising event, usually held around the time of the Chinese New Year. It combines the efforts of both Chinese parents and their children in entertaining performances, showcasing the talents of our students and their love for the school, all while working together to achieve fundraising goals.

The funds are mainly used for various school related matters such as school equipment upgrades, student club activities, and support for teachers in purchasing teaching supplies. We hope that everyone will join us in this endeavor. Additionally, we warmly welcome volunteers to support Leland Bridge. For more details, please refer to the volunteer application form.

If you would like to learn more about the Leland Bridge Parents Group, please visit our website at or email us at Leland Bridge Parents Group needs your active participation. You can join our mailing list, and become our friends on Facebook and Instagram (links are at the bottom of the website). Your contribution not only benefits the school and teachers but also ensures a better and safer learning environment for our children.


We look forward to hearing from you and together writing another successful chapter for Leland Bridge.


Monica Ho


2023-2024 President- Leland Bridge Parent Group

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