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禮藍華人家長會 (Leland Bridge Parents Group) 是由 Leland 高中的華裔家長們所組成的團體。自從2001年成立以來,即致力於扮演學校以及三百多戶華裔家庭之間的溝通橋樑。鼓勵家長積極參與各項學校活動,協助校方提供最好的教育品質,出版中/英文通訊刊物,同時固定舉辦座談會及禮藍之夜活動,不管是在促進家長與校方互動方面,或是為學校募款的成就,都有目共睹,獲得學校、學區、聖荷西市府以及社區的支持與肯定。


  • 成為我們的會員: 會員有許多福利,像是免費參加我們一整年的講座、講座內容的回放,以及免費的禮藍之夜門票、購買特價票等等。(請參考捐款詳細介紹會員福利介紹)

  • 禮藍之夜: 這是我們最盛大的年度募款盛會,通常是在中國新年前後。它結合了華裔親子兩代力量,以趣味盎然的表演型式,展現孩子們的才華以及愛校的精神,同心協力達成募款目標。


每年募得的款項用在例如學校教科書、設備更新、學生社團活動以及幫助新老師教材等等。希望大家共襄盛舉。另外,也非常歡迎大家成為我們的義工來支持禮藍,詳情請參考義工申請表,也請多利用我們的 Amazon Smile 在 Amazon 購物 (Amazon Smile 設定方法介紹)。


想對禮藍華人家長會有更多了解,歡迎大家到我們的官網 查詢,或電郵。禮藍家長會需要您的積極參與,您可以加入我們的 mailing list、加入我們的微信群,也歡迎您成為我們的臉書和 IG 之友 (官網最下面有社群連結)。您的一份力量不但能幫到學校和老師,也能夠讓我們的孩子們有更好以及更安全的學習環境。我們期待各位的加入,一起寫下 Leland Bridge 成功的另一頁。





2022-2023 禮藍華人家長會會長


Dear Leland Students and Parents:


Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! The Leland Bridge Parents Group is a non-profit organization founded in 2001 by a group of Chinese American parents. We believe that well- informed, actively-involved parents can help support a better school experience for our students. Since its establishment, we have been enhancing the communication and collaboration between parents and Leland High to improve student life and learning experience., We help upgrade the school facilities and sponsor school programs, including Speech & Debate, Music, Journalism, Robotics teams, and college application essay reviews, etc. Over the years, Leland Bridge has been recognized by the school, the school district, and local communities.


We cannot do it without your generous support! Here are our two major fundraising events:

  • Leland Bridge Membership: Members can enjoy free seminars, education related content access, free Leland Bridge Night tickets, additional discounted tickets and many more perks!

  • Leland Bridge Night: We host a musical and cultural performance event called Leland Bridge Night every year around the Chinese New Year. Leland Bridge Night provides an opportunity for two generations, parents and students, to work together towards the goal of creating a fun-filled, and memorable evening. There will be many different talented acts, from singing to dancing, and so much more.

You can also support Leland Bridge by shopping with Amazon Smile

Let’s continue to make Leland High School a better place for everyone! Please keep an eye out for our monthly Chinese/English newsletters, seminars, and events! Please contact to for any questions about volunteering, donation,

or sign up for our mailing list. You can also connect with us on your favorite social media apps listed at the end of our

official website


Thank you in advance for your generous support! We look forward to working with you in the near future!



Monica Ho


2022-2023 President- Leland Bridge Parent Group

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