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Leland Bridge Night 2023 (Almaden Times 3/3/2023 - 3/16/2023)

Leland Bridge Night Returns to Almaden for Another Successful Year

Claire Chen, Feb. 9, 2023

A whirl of festivity greets the eye before even entering the door. Streams of excited audience members of all ages, almost all dressed with a touch of red (a lucky color), meander their way from the parking lot, past tables piled with food and decor and volunteers wearing light-up rabbit ears to welcome the Year of the Rabbit. It was, of course, Leland Bridge Night.

At the same time a celebration of the Lunar New Year and Chinese culture, Leland Bridge Night is an annual show and fundraiser for Leland High School, hosted on Leland’s own campus on Feb. 5 by Leland Bridge Parents Club, a parent and student organization at local Leland High School that aims to bridge the gap between Asian-American families and the school community. Profits from the tickets go directly to funding programs at Leland High School like speech and debate, journalism, music, robotics, and college application support.


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