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A Tale of Two Autumns

Another year, another group of incoming 9th graders. Fall is just around the corner, as leaves start turning red and the sun rays turn warm. Birds chirp more softly and the sky begins to cloud over. With the remaining heat of summer and PG&E’s mass power outage, the new school year is in full swing.

At this year’s Leland Bridge 9th Grade Welcome Party, I saw the 9th graders who had just entered high school, full of energy and curiosity. I saw them listening to the welcome speeches from our principal, Mr. Park, our vice principal, Dr. Lozano, and Ms. Brasher, our beloved Speech and Debate teacher. During the event, The freshmen also checked out the club booths represented by upperclassmen, had great interaction with club booth representatives, and played various games enthusiastically.

I had a sense of deja vu to when my son had just entered 9th grade and participated in the 9th Grade Welcome Party held by Leland Bridge. That was before Covid. At that time, as a family just entering high school, we were full of questions about high school life. We were incredibly grateful to have this community where we could get great information and support. I recall my son having so much fun at the Welcome Party and even climbing a tall tree with his friends.

I remember it just like it was yesterday, but it has been four years. Many of those 9th Graders, later on, volunteered at Leland Bridge yearly from then on. They all now have grown into responsible young adults, and just started a new chapter of their life in college. I am also happy to have joined the Leland Bridge Board to serve the community.

Since the founding of Leland Bridge, countless new high school students and families, have benefited from events/seminars held by Leland Bridge. Over the years, Leland Bridge has served the community of Leland High School greatly through raising funds for the school, various clubs, appreciation events for teachers, school-wide college essay reviews, and events to bring our community together. The funds are also used for purchasing school educational equipment, such as computers, AP exam tables and other devices.

Fall is a season of gratitude and giving back, and we wish to give thanks to Leland parents for your support of Leland Bridge, giving Leland Bridge the opportunity to serve our community. You can donate to Leland Bridge in the following ways:

  1. Check (Please make check payable to Leland Bridge, and mail your check and google form to 6677 Camden Ave. San Jose, CA 95120)

  2. Venmo (ID: @LelandBridge-ParentsGroup.

  3. Zelle (ID:

  4. Company Donation Webpage (Please choose Leland Bridge and forward your confirmation to Please fill out google form after your donation

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