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9th Grade Welcome Party

About the event

欢迎加入 Leland 这个大家庭!Leland Bridge 是一个华人家长非盈利组织,作为校方和家长之间沟通的桥梁,同时也举办各项相关活动。我们想借由这个欢迎盛会提供新生家长们更多有用的资讯。可以帮助大家: 1)和 Leland 校长 / 副校长面对面交流 2) 和其他新老同学 / 家长互动 3)学哥学姐的二手书分享 4)了解学校的社团活动 5)享受 potluck下午茶 真诚邀请加入我们! Welcome to the Leland family! Leland Bridge is a non-profit organization of Chinese parents that serves as a bridge between the school and parents, and also organizes various activities. This welcome event not only provides useful information for you but also

  1. Face-to-face communication with the principal / vice principal of Leland

  2. Interact with other new and old students / parents

  3. Share second-hand books from older students

  4. Learn about the school's clubs

  5. Enjoy potluck snacks


Event Details (Registration is closed)


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