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Our Story

Leland Bridge is a non-profit organization run by the Chinese-American parents of Leland High School. The purposes of this organization are to facilitate communication between the school and Chinese-American parents and to encourage involvement from these parents in school-wide activities.

Founded in 2001 to support the Media Center fundraising effort, Leland Bridge has become an integral part of Leland High School’s support structure.

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Contributions to Leland High School:

School club sponsorship:

  • Les Choristes Musical Troupe $500

  • FTC 8404 Quixilver Robotics $1000

  • Katrina Thoman, Peer Tutoring $180
    Total: $1680

Teacher sponsorship:

  • Ying Zhang, Math Teacher $200

  • Mahuya Dhar, Math Teacher $182.71

  • Rohini Neelavar, Math Teacher $179.89

  • Wilson Yen AP Computer Science Teacher $146.07

  • Anu Sarkar, Biology Teacher $163.95

  • Cydney DeBenedetto - Art Teacher $200

  • Katrina Thoman, Math Department $155.35

  • Gary Clarke, Math Teacher $196.88

  • Christopher Barros, French Teacher $89.35
    Total: $1,514.20

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Support Us

Leland Bridge Parents Group is a non-profit organization that serves Leland High families. Every year, Leland Bridge Parents Group donates $20,000 - $25,000 to Leland High.


The funding is mainly used for: School equipment purchase; Supporting various school programs including speech and debate, robotics FTC 8404 and 604 teams, school journalism, and other school clubs; Holding events, such as Leland Bridge Night, Freshman Welcome Party, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Staff Halloween Party and seminars, etc.​


We cannot make it happen without your generous support. There are various ways to support the Leland Bridge community;


All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!





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