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Do You Know That Leland Bridge is on Discord?

One day in May, President Monica came to me.

"Vivian, we have a job as a social media editor this year and I want to ask you for help," Monica said.

"Social media editor — what is that?" I asked. I had volunteered at Leland Bridge before when my older son was at Leland, but I had never heard of such a position.

“It’s a bit of managing the WeChat group, but a social media editor mainly operates other social media, like Facebook, Instagram (IG), and Discord,” Monica said.


I often use Facebook. Even though I'm not familiar with IG, I know a bit about it. As for Discord, I had to check my phone. The only Discord contact is my son because he only reads Discord's text messages.

Monica went on to say: "This year we will try to build a platform that can not only provide parents with information, but also help our children, so we want to run a platform that can directly interact with children, and Discord is a good channel."

And thus, I accepted this task without much guidance. The first thing was to study the function of Discord. It looked like the Bulletin Board System (BBS), a precursor to the modern form of the World Wide Web and Social networks when I was young, but the system is more stable and the interaction function is more powerful. Not only can we communicate with each other, but we can also watch movies and play games together online. No wonder it is very popular among young people. At dinner, I asked my son, who is going to study at Leland, for his opinion on the Leland Bridge Discord.

"If Leland Bridge opens a Discord, hoping to provide some information to help students, such as opportunities for community service or extracurricular activities, or even discounts from local businesses such as milk tea shops, would you be interested in participating?"

"Sounds useful, so probably, yes," my son replied.

"What if I ran Discord? Wouldn't it be weird?" I asked tentatively.

As soon as I finished speaking, my son raised his head, frowned, looked at me with wide eyes, and said flatly, "That sounds cringe. It might be better to have students, like juniors or seniors, run it." With this slap in the face, I accepted the honest feedback and quickly discussed with the other mothers in Bridge to find student volunteers who could manage Discord. Fortunately, our Leland children are full of talent. After two student volunteers joined, a preliminary structure soon emerged.

In addition to the general Information Channel used to promote the dynamics of Leland Bridge, we also have the following Opportunities Channel:

  • Volunteering - sharing volunteer opportunities for community service

  • Extra-curricular - used to share extracurricular activities, learning opportunities or competition opportunities

  • Perks-and-discounts - also a new initiative at Leland Bridge. Through Leland Bridge Discord, we hope to gather the group buying power of the Almaden community and attract local businesses willing to offer exclusive discounts to Leland Bridge Discord users. In this way, we can help you save money together, and at the same time bring customers to local businesses, creating a win-win situation. In the future, when Leland Bridge volunteers visit each store to ask for a raffle gift sponsorship of Leland Bridge Night, the success rate should increase

Although the above ideal situation is currently theoretical, it is undeniable that the indispensable elements of a successful social media are:

Popularity and we need popularity!!!

Please, if you are willing to give us a hand, you do not have to spend any money at all. As long as you have a little time, please scan the QR code on our Discord:

Whether you are a current or future Leland student, a former graduate, or even parents, or grandparents, you are welcome to join us to increase the popularity of our Discord and share information about schools, volunteer opportunities, and extracurricular activities. Suggestions for our Discord would also be greatly appreciated. Do you like a particular local business and want to get a discount? You are welcome to join the Discord and tell us, and as long as there is demand, we will do our best to coordinate with the businesses for everyone.

Writing all this, I can't help but think of the famous Chinese fable, “The Unbreakable Chopsticks.” It goes something like this. A long time ago, a rich man tried to unite his ten discordant sons. He asked his sons to start breaking chopsticks. It turned out that one chopstick was easy to break but put ten chopsticks in a bundle, and none of them could break them... The moral of the story is that unity is powerful. Isn't it something we can do? Together we can make our buying power stronger. Together we can make it! 💪💪💪

Looking forward to seeing you and your children joining us. The Leland Bridge Discord welcomes you!


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